Glass in Architecture

Architectural glazed elements designed into a new build or existing building design.

<p>Sympathetic extension to Listed Building
</p> <p>Stunning glass fa├žade
</p> <p>Bathing beneath the stars
</p> <p>Clear View
</p> <p>Glass link in Oxfordshire
</p> <p>Creative space in Scotland
</p> <p>Double height glazed space
</p> <p>Contemporary dining area
</p> <p>Glazed Additions<br />
<b><i>Interior Design by Bicknell Interiors</i></b></p>

<p>Glass Home 
</p> <p>Garden Connection<br />
<b><i>In association with Bicknell Interiors</i></b>
</p> <p>Designed to merge with existing Architecture